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Cranial osteopathy
Cranial osteopathy




Cranial osteopathy is a gentle way of osteopathic diagnosis and treatment poorly known yet. Although its denomination ‘cranial’ (or ‘cranio-sacral’), it can be used anywhere in the body, and not only in the head or pelvis. The ‘cranial’ osteopath is trained to sense a subtle rhythmic motion, present in all body tissues, known as ‘involuntary motion’. Cranial techniques are applied in synchrony with this involuntary motion, obtaining a general neurological and tissue relaxation, and the release of persistent strains that may not be responding to other treatment methods.

Cranial work has practically no contraindications and is fundamental in paediatric treatment, during pregnancy, or in the elder or patient with poor health (chronic disease, etc.). Its use in general practice offers great results too.

Despite the innocuous appearance of cranial methods, they must be used appropriately. They must always be applied by an osteopath trained in this field, who can guarantee its use in the context of appropriate clinical reasoning and treatment planning.